Grosvenor leads the way in HVAC technology and research providing our clients with superior outcomes in terms of tenant comfort, improved HVAC reliability, compliance, cost of ownership and building Return On Investment.

Seamless HVAC Energy Monitoring and Control

At the core of Grosvenor’s strategic approach to building sustainability is our remote monitoring building optimisation and energy management systems.

The result of years of analysis of HVAC maintenance data, research and development, Grosvenor remote monitoring (GoToMyOffice) and energy management (GEMS) technologies have been designed to be Building Management System (BMS) independent.

Our maintenance agreements with you can be structured to utilise GEMS to monitor energy consumption real-time and then, using our GoToMyOffice virtual network connectivity technology, refine the performance of your HVAC system real-time to minimise energy consumption.

All of these technologies are used together with a building's BMS system to implement our Building Optimisation Services (GBOS) which enable us to improve a building's sustainability, minimise it's carbon footprint and ensure NABERS star rating targets are met and maintained as cost effectively as possible.

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Grosvenor Engineering Group Acquires Computer Air Service

Grosvenor Engineering Group announces acquisition of Computer Air Services effective 1st August 2012.

Work Orders by iPhone Launched

Grosvenor are pleased to announce the launch of the new iPhone based work order functionality.