Grosvenor Sustainability provides a range of specialist services to support energy conscious businesses across Australia. We provide our customers with cutting edge solutions supporting economic, social and environmental success.

Commercial Building Disclosure Scheme (CBD)Grosvenor Sustainability is positioned to support building owner with the CBD legislation aimed at commercial property which came into practice 1st November 2010.

The legislation requires owners of building over 2,000m2 NLA to disclose a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) to prospective buyers and lessees at the point of sale and lease of office space (>2000m2.

We can compile and maintain a BEEC for you, leaving you to focus on your business.

A BECC encompasses an:

  • NABERS Energy Star Rating
  • Energy Efficiency Guide
  • Tenancy Lighting Assessments

We have developed a suite of products that will assist you complying with the CBD scheme and have further services to leverage this to your competitive advantage.

  • NABERS Energy Tracking
  • NABERS Energy Star Ratings
  • NABERS Improvement Plans

Water / Energy Efficiency Auditing

Conducting an efficiency audit is an important step in a sustainability process and Grosvenor Sustainability are experienced in all building categories. An efficiency audit will assist you in defining how your company best integrate with a sustainable economy.

Grosvenor Sustainability can offer the full range of energy and water audits:

  • Level 1: 'Walk-Through' Audit. This audit suits a business who wants to understand their current carbon/water footprint; it provides an overview and gives ideas where reductions can be achieved and budget costs. This is suitable for companies who are not looking to invest significant money into energy efficiency opportunities
  • Level 2: Opportunities Focused Audit. This is a comprehensive investigation of energy/water supply and usage. The outcome is a comprehensive list of clear recommendations for efficiency measures, along with the costs, savings and CO2 reduction. This is most valuable to companies who are looking to set significant sustainability project budgets and wish to know the most cost effective projects.
  • Level 3: Detailed Audit. This detailed audit covers all aspects of efficiency and sustainability, including measuring consumption and tracking site operation and maintenance practices. This is particularly useful if there is to be a major investment in sustainability.

NABERS Ratings

Grosvenor Sustainability has a team of NABERS qualified assessors. NABERS is a nationally recognised method for benchmarking properties allowing you to compare yourself to other businesses. Our focus is on gathering all information to give the best rating possible utilising our extensive experience of the process.

Our range of NABERS ratings are:

  • NABERS Improvement Plans : Tenant’s, potential buyers and governments are pursing buildings with higher NABERS ratings. If a low NABERS rating is making a building difficult to lease, Grosvenor Sustainability can help you develop an improvement plan. Our experience allows us to tailor the plan to identify the least capital intensive ways of achieving a specific
  • NABERS improvement : For example if your building rates at 1.5 stars, which is well below average and you wish to have 3 stars to be competitive in your sector, we will develop the improvement plan to achieve the desired rating with the lowest capital investment.
  • NABERS Tracking : Our experience helps you avoid the risk of a reduced rating by providing a monthly NABERS update. This service forewarns you of performance shortfalls allow time to implement corrective actions.

Solutions Delivery

The Grosvenor engineering group can assist you in the delivery of all Energy and Water efficiency opportunities we identify.

As an independent solution integrator, Grosvenor Sustainability is not aligned with any one manufacturer or distributor of efficiency devices or products. Our opportunities represent an unconstrained approach to sustainability.

The Grosvenor Engineering Group as a whole provides complete solutions coverage across Australia, along with project management personnel who are experienced in every building type. Our integrated approach to design, construction and maintenance means that Grosvenor is fully equipped to deal with the unique challenges presented by each building.

  • NABERS Whole Buildings
  • NABERS Base buildings
  • NABERS Shopping Centres
  • NABERS Hotels

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