The structure of Grosvenor Engineering Group enables a unique, cross-functional approach to servicing your HVAC assets.

HVAC Maintenance Services

Grosvenor’s depth of experience and ongoing analysis of the entire HVAC service lifecycle will provide your building with lower long-term cost of ownership, fewer unplanned maintenance events and happier tenants working and living in a more sustainable environment. It is this combination of highly specialised teams, proactive preventative maintenance and an intelligent approach to customer solution design that has made Grosvenor the talk of the HVAC industry.

HVAC Construction & Refurbishment

Grosvenor boasts an enviable track record of success in the areas of construction and refurbishment. Our ability to balance the short term objectives of builders with the long term objectives of building owners, managers and tenants sets us apart. Our project managers carry with them a deep understanding of design and engineering and there is strong collaboration between consultants, designers, engineers and contractors on every project.

Technical Advisory Services

Our approach of analysing the attributes of a building, benchmarking that data against Grosvenor’s very large bank of HVAC data and then providing our clients with the results means our clients can make better informed decisions. Grosvenor’s highly analytical approach means that our solution design teams consist of degree qualified engineers and very experienced technicians who can solve complex HVAC issues and deliver sustainable outcomes.

Grosvenor Energy Management Services

Grosvenor is committed to delivering cost effective, energy efficient and green HVAC services. With unique offerings like GoToMyOffice remote HVAC monitoring and control, through to GEMS providing a holistic and provider-agnostic approach to energy management, Grosvenor actually delivers sustainable HVAC services.

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Grosvenor Engineering Group Acquires Computer Air Service

Grosvenor Engineering Group announces acquisition of Computer Air Services effective 1st August 2012.

Work Orders by iPhone Launched

Grosvenor are pleased to announce the launch of the new iPhone based work order functionality.