Mandatory disclosure of commercial office building energy efficiency

This is an exciting policy development that will help prospective buyers and tenants make informed decisions when they are looking for office space. Energy efficiency disclosure creates a more informed market that rewards better performing buildings and stimulates greater investment in energy efficiency.


The new scheme aimed at commercial property comes into force on November 1st 2010. From this date, when a commercial office building with net lettable area of 2000m2 or more is leased or sold, the landlord must disclose a valid NABERS Energy Rating.

Failure to disclose could result in a maximum penalty of $110,000 for the first day and $11,000 for each subsequent day of non-disclosure.

Grosvenor Sustainability are recommending that any landlord with properties exceeding 2000m2 NLA should be looking to get a NABERS rating completed as soon as possible.

The Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency have left few loopholes and will not look favourably on those who appear to be deliberately circumventing the legislation.


Grosvenor Sustainability has been tracking the development of the mandatory disclosure regulations and has positioned itself to support building owners and facilities managers.

Grosvenor Sustainability has a team of cer tified NABERS assessors that can deliver all your mandatory reporting requirements, allowing you to focus on your business. We have developed a suite of products below that will ensure compliance and have further services to leverage this scheme to your competitive advantage.

NABERS Energy Assessments

Grosvenor Sustainability has a team of experienced NABERS assessors that can deliver compliant NABERS ratings. We support you through the rating process and ensure you have all the relevant documentation to complete an official rating as required.

NABERS Energy Rating required documentation:

* Current PCA/BOMA NLA Surveys for all tenanted areas
* Lease documents indicating tenant operational hours
* 12 months consecutive energy bills
* Afterhours A/C data per tenancy

Other documentation that may be required:

* A tenant hours of operation survey for each tenant
* Building Computer Count

NABERS Energy Improvement Plans

If a low NABERS rating is making a building difficult to lease, Grosvenor Sustainability can help you develop an improvement plan. Our experience allows us to tailor the plan to identify the lease capital intensive ways of achieving a specific NABERS improvement.

For example if your building rates at 1.5 stars, which is well below average and you wish to have 3 stars to be competitive in your sector, we will develop the improvement plan to achieve the desired rating with the lowest capital investment.
NABERS Energy Tracking

A NABERS rating is only valid for 12 months. Each rating is dependent upon the previous 12 months operating performance. Avoid the risk of a reduced rating by having a regular NABERS update. This provides the opportunity to identify performance shortfalls and allows for the timely implementation of corrective actions.
Act now! Contact Grosvenor Sustainability who can provide a free quote to conduct a Mandatory Disclosure approved NABERS rating.

Call Rod Kington – Grosvenor Sustainability Manager, on 1300 255 247 or email

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